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Ready to create a website that works just as hard as you?


Why does having a well-designed website matter? Mainly because a poorly designed website can severely impact your business... over 90% of your customer's journey starts with searching online. If you don't have a stunning first impression, you can end up looking amateurish. This doesn't even include the lost sales, lower conversions, lack of trust, and low time spent on your website. This is why with every website we combine design (the look and feel) with industry-specific research and marketing expertise to help build your digital brand and increase conversion and your return on investment.

You might not be able to take orders or answer customers' questions 24/7, but your website can. Create your "always-on" salesperson.

Get a new search and mobile friendly custom Wix Website. 

What makes Marketing Nomad so Different?

I am focused on creating a high performing website based on your actual business needs. I quickly get down to what business goals you are trying to accomplish in the near and far future and build around that.

Basic 1-Page/Lead Generation Page

Geared for an advertising campaign that focuses on one specific action that you want your customers to take (i.e. download whitepaper, sign up for a newsletter, etc.) or a high-level 1-page 4-section brochure website.

Branded Informational Business Website

Intended to drive awareness about your products/services & move potential customers towards consideration. Typically encourages to "contact us" or to visit a physical location rather than to book or buy online.

Advanced Business Website

Designed to help drive multiple levels of your marketing funnel from awareness to conversion. End goals might be to book an appointment or consult, book a reservation/event, sign up for a class, or subscribe to on-going plan.

eCommerce Website (Online Store)

Focused on selling your digital or physical products online with less human interaction needed on your behalf. 

What I've seen happen to business owners building or redesigning their website...

In one way or another, I've seen business owners forced into a website that doesn't fit their needs or left positioned in a way that doesn't drive their business goals. This is like not only having a shoe that doesn't fit but doesn't make sense for the activity you are doing. Think... a sprinter trying to compete in a beautifully designed stiletto. You can still move forward, but it's just not going to work.

We make sure it fits and looks good.


Designed to help your customers effortlessly answer the questions they have & take action.

I know how to cleary structure your pages to...

Have your customers take action.

Create engagement which leads to conversion.

Magnetically position you as an expert.

Most of all...

Uniquely share your story and show the human side of the business.

Why do we use Wix over WordPress & Squarespace?

If you don't feel you will change much in the future, you can maintain your own site with ease.

Wix involves little (except for EXTREMELY custom things) to no coding, the price of a coder/developer doesn't get passed to you.

Your site security is included with Wix hosting.

Features, features, features... there is a robust Wix app market that includes free & premium high-quality apps to support your business.

Shouldn't your website give your potential clients the impression you intend it to have?

Not only that... should it position you as the expert within your industry, field, and local market? 

And should it be optimized to convert on the business goals that matter to you and help you continually grow your business when you aren't awake?

Ultimately allowing you to spend more time in the business and what you re good at, be less stressed about leads coming in, and hopefully spend time doing what you love and with those you love?

This is the type of impact that I am striving for...

Do you want the same?

What exactly do you get with a Marketing Nomad designed website?

here are your benefits...

Marketing Nomad_Web Design_Marketing Ico

Stunning First Impression

You know exactly who is designing your My goal is not only to showcase your products/services but to give your potential customers an amazing first impression.

Marketing Nomad Custom Built Strategies.

Custom Built & Designed Website

You won't be seeing any templates over here. Each Wix website I make is custom made with an intuitive, modern design meant to engage with your customers.

Marketing Nomad_Web Design_Mobile Friend

Mobile-Friendly Design (Responsive)

Mobile (45%) & Table (4%) make up nearly half of all market share in the US. With that said, every website is responsive & adjusts to any device or screen.

Marketing Nomad_Web Design_Marketing Ico

Post-Delivery Website Training

Now that I've delivered your site. I want you to be sure you know how to use it. Depending on your package level, I provide video and/or video-call training. 

Marketing Nomad_Web Design_Marketing Ico

Digital Analytics Integration

Ever wondered a targeted digital ad follows you around the internet? Or how a to make decisions based in data? Analytics. I make sure to add the appropriate ones.

Marketing Nomad_Web Design_Marketing Ico

Business & Marketing Consulting

Depending on your investment level, expert marketing advice is included. You & I will look beyond the immediate & into the future for marketing your small business.

Recent Wix Website Designs

Marketing Nomad_Web Design_Marketing Ico

Clearly Structured Pages

I structure your site's information to make it easier for Google to understand what is on it and for your customers to read.

Marketing Nomad_Web Design_Marketing Ico

Industry-Specific Research

What are your competitors doing? What are industry-specific marketing trends? I go ahead and do the research to help you get ahead.

Marketing Nomad_Web Design_Marketing Ico

Unlimited  Homepage Design Revisions

As long as the revisions are in line with what we originally agreed, I give you unlimited homepage design revisions. 

See what my clients have to say

It has been a pleasure working with Marketing Nomad (AKA Daniel). The impact of COVID-19 has taken a toll on business and production so building a website was essential for the success of my business. He took great detail and personal interest in making sure I received the finished website I desired and deserved. He's affordable, thorough, knowledgeable, creative, and finished in a timely manner...This is my first website EVER and I REALLY appreciate him making it a painless journey for me. You Rock Marketing Nomad (AKA Daniel) :-) I definitely recommend his service and will be hiring him again in the near future.



I have your website's game plan.

Are you ready for a new website that works and converts 24/7?

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