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About Daniel & Marketing Nomad

Daniel Ruszkiewicz

Hi there!

My name is Daniel Ruszkiewicz.

I'm a Marketing Nomad.

I started Marketing Nomad in 2019 with that thought of being able to help small businesses from around the country. I am a true believer that the world is better served with worthwhile, people-driven ideas that come from small businesses. Unfortunately, small and startup businesses are underserved and might not have all the resources they need to develop the digital marketing strategies and tactics they need to succeed and grow in today’s digital world. 

Not only is it my goal to make marketing more accessible, but it is my goal to simplify the process of how your ideas get discovered, make an impact, and get chosen through digital marketing. Marketing Nomad ensures that good ideas and good people win! 

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I am on a mission.

I am on a mission to provide accessible marketing to 10,000 businesses in the next 10 years.

My Fun Facts

Graduation Cap Icon University of Texas.


B.S. in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin

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Hours on client projects throughout the years

Certified Icon Daniel Ruszkiewicz Years


Years of professional experience working with small & large businesses

Shaking Hands Icon Marketing Nomad Helpi


Small businesses helped so far in 2020 with more to come

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Where did the name come from?

When creating Marketing Nomad, I quickly realized that Modern-day marketers can easily work from home one day and from a coffee shop the next without compromising their quality of work. All you need is your laptop, cell phone, and wifi connection, and you are good to go.

I desired a better balance of life and work without the need to be tied to a physical location. This is something that I want to incorporate as part of the culture as we grow. 

Ultimately, this is where the name Marketing Nomad came from. Since all you needed was a laptop, cell phone, and a wifi connection, you could literally work from anywhere as if that place were your basecamp.

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