Wix Website Maintanence

How do you make updates and changes to your Wix website once you have received it from me?


The first way is doing it yourself. After I deliver your website, I will provide you with video training for making updates specific to your site. Some small business owners prefer this.

The second way is to simply have me do it. The nice thing for when I do it, is that you get additional support beyond updates. I will actively do monthly performance reviews, site reporting, and make recommendations for improvements.

If you are ready to get back to running your business and let Marketing Nomad take care of your site, simply click the link below:

Wix Website Support Packages

Please note. If you request editing that involves the design of the site, this will fall under custom website design which will need to be quoted.

Hourly Based

As Needed Basis


What's Included

This is custom based on what you need to be completed. Please see FAQ below to see what you can use your support time for.


60 Min. of Support/Month


What's Included

60 Min. of Support

Wix Updates

Performance Review

Monthly Report

Analytics Reporting

Most Popular


150 Min. of Support/Month


What's Included

150 Min. of Support

Wix Updates

Performance Reviews

Monthly Reporting

Analytics Reporting

Wix Website Hosting


240 Min. of Support/Month


What's Included

240 Min. of Support

Wix Updates

Performance Reviews

Monthly Reporting

Analytics Reporting

Wix Website Hosting

What type of support is included?

  • Mobile design or adjustments
  • Adding/deleting new pages
  • Adding/changing images
  • Editing text
  • Editing backend SEO
  • Bug fixes
  • Or even getting a little extra advice :)

What happens if I go over or need additional time?

Currently, any overages are billed at the hourly rate of $85/hr. We don't see this happening a lot.

Am I locked into a contract?

All of our maintanence plans are contract free and you can cancel at any time. As a reminder with the Plus & Pro packages, those come with hosting. If you decide to cancel and your hosting is connected through those packages, you will need to purchase your own Wix website hosting.

How do I sign up?

Once you click the sign up button, you will be redirected to a contact form. Within 24-business hours, I will be in touch with you to ensure that you are in the correct package. I will then either send you a link to sign up on your own or give you a quote for the hourly rate. If you need to connect Wix hosting, then we will work on that after the subscription has started.

When do I need to cancel by?

I ask that you cancel any subscription at least 5-business days prior to the new billing month. I ask this due to potentially having Wix hosting connected, and I don't want you to have any interuptions in your service.

What's included in the monthly reporting?

I make sure to include a few things. The first will include any trends that I am seeing with your digital analytics. These might be improvements I notice or areas for improvement. I will also include a detailed overiew of the support that was provided.

Do my support minutes roll over?

Currently, any unused support minutes to not roll over.