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2019 Social Media Image Sizes "Cheat Sheet"

When it comes to social media, not all image sizes are created equal. By this, I mean that depending on the platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) or device (desktop vs. mobile) the image that you are using can appear differently.

Image with social media icons

This “cheat sheet” is meant to help you navigate the variety of image sizes for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Please keep in mind that social media platforms change image size requirements constantly. We will do our best to keep this up to date on a yearly basis.

2019 Social Media Image Sizes

For all the images below, the dimensions are given in pixels, width x height.


Facebook Image Sizes

Page’s Profile/Logo Image:

  • The 180x180 pixel image displays at 170x170 pixels on desktop/laptop computers. It will display as 128x128 pixels on smartphones with no additional sizing needed on your part.

  • Please note that the profile/logo image will be cropped into a circular shape in ads and posts.

Page’s Cover Image:

  • The recommended 820x360 pixel image displays at 820x312 pixels on desktop/laptop computers. Displays at 640x360 pixels on smartphones. (see next section for more details)

  • Minimum Size: 400x150 pixels.

Post Images:

  • The recommended upload size of 1200x628 pixels will be scaled down in the newsfeed to a width of 470 pixels.

Event Cover Image:

  • The recommended 1920x1080 pixel image displays at the same portions on the event page for both desktop and mobile devices but scales down to thinner dimension of 470x174 pixels on the newsfeed. Consider keeping important visual information within the 1920x711 space of the image.

Facebook Cover Image Specifics

Choosing the correct size image for your Facebook profile cover image is a little trickier than the others. This is because your desktop and mobile device use the same image but crops either the top and bottom for the appropriate device.

We recommend that you utilize the 820x360 pixel image but ensure that no visually important information is within 24 pixels of the top or bottom of the image or 90 pixels of the right or left of the image.

This should ensure that you image looks perfectly across all devices.


LinkedIn Image Sizes

Page’s Profile/Logo Image:

  • The profile/logo image should be 300x300 pixels and will be appropriately resized to fit mobile.

Page’s Cover Image:

  • If you do any research on the size for a LinkedIn cover photo, it will say that the recommended size is 1536x768, but it appears as if the minimum recommended size of 1192x220 pixels is what it actually appears. This is a thinner version of the recommended size. If you would like to keep with the 1536 width, then the height would need to be 284 pixels.

Post Images:

  • The ideal size for LinkedIn post images is the same size as the Facebook post image size of 1200x628 pixels. Don't go any smaller than 600x335 pixels.


Instagram Image Sizes

Page’s Profile/Logo Image:

  • The profile/logo image should be 110x110 pixels and will be the same size for mobile devices.

Post Image:

  • The recommended size for posts is a square with the dimensions of 1080x1080 pixels with a thumbnail size of 161x161 pixels prior to being clicked on.

Instagram Stores Dimensions:

  • For both video and images, the recommended size of 1080x1920 pixels is intended to take up the full length of the screen on mobile devices.


Twitter Image Sizes

Page’s Profile/Logo Image:

  • The profile/logo image should be 400x400 pixels and displays at 200x200 pixels.

Page’s Cover Image:

  • For both desktop and mobile devices, 1500x500 pixels is the appropriate size for a cover image and will scale down for mobile.

Post Images:

  • The in-stream image has a recommended size of 440x220 pixels with a max size to expanded of 1024x512 pixels.

If you want to get a running start with your social media and website, feel free to contact Marketing Nomad directly (click here).

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