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About AC Design & Development

AC Design was founded in 2009 by Aishah and her business partner. Earlier on in the business, Aishah took on the role of designing the business website to better express the business and its offerings. The last major update happening in 2016.

In June of 2020, Aishah got in contact with me, Marketing Nomad, and was looking for a "more dynamic-looking but inviting" website. She also felt that interior design is visual, and her website should better represent the visual aspect of the business. She felt if we could succeed with this, then the website would be more engaging and potential clients would reach out with more frequency.

Marketing Nomad Portfolio AC Design Befo

Before Wix Website Redesign

Marketing Nomad Portfolio AC Design Afte

After Wix Website Redesign

How Marketing Nomad Helped

One thing that I immediately realized is that in working with Aishah, we needed to find the right balance between a pure portfolio/brand website and a website that helps to convert leads. We wanted it to look beautiful but at the same time convert.

The other hurdle that I noticed from the start was the natural flow of information (aka the website architecture) didn't make as much sense for the user. 

Lastly, we wanted visitors to be encouraged to book an appointment with her online.

Ultimately, after hours or research and working with Aishah, it came down to enhancing the visitor's ability to take their own journey through the site where they could organically find the answer to their questions in a beautifully laid out environment with plenty of white space.

"Working with Daniel was great! He is very knowledgeable and experience. He is thorough and proactive. His work is excellent and I highly recommend him for website design. He starts out by asking a series of questions to make sure he fully understands what your needs are."


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Marketing Nomad Website Design Services.
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